Playboy: Debbie Before and After

This wouldn't happen online

Advertising Agency: Y&R, South Africa
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Lang
Executive Creative Director: Rui Alves
Copywriter: Werner Marais
Art Director: Ismaeel Chetty
Designer: Rowan Foxcroft
Published: April 2013


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Awesome insight, great idea.

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Lame and too freakin' easy

Never argue with an idiot. He'll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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This is so fake. Playboy would never approve an ad that would imply their magazine printing techniques aren't up to par.
fake fake fake fake. and did i mention fake? cause it's fake.

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Tom Megginson
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Could you be a little more clear? Are you trying to tell me it's fake? ; )

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Tom Megginson
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For some reason, I was reminded of a comic book:

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so..they say that print magazine is bad. Their print magazine? Kinda stupid and cannibalistic brand wise.

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