This ad for Paulaner beer, was published in the October 2007 Playboy magazine (Oktoberfest-edition).

Advertising Agency: Kempertrautmann GmbH, Hamburg

Creative Directors: ,

Art Director: Axel Schilling

Copywriter: Christian Soldatke

Graphics: Marita Locmele

Photographer: Stephan Abry

Account Directors: Ilker Yilmazalp, Peter Matz

September 2007


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Very effective but I personally don't care if there is a handle on the mug or the bottle.

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woooooootttt!!! i didn't notice the handle on the bottle.... first i thought that men were looking for the girls instead of drinking the beer... weird

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Pat Bijkerk
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Boring. Germans should not try to be funny!

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you have no idea. i've lived there for 6 years and met kind and humorous people everywhere.
but it's true, you won't find any kind of humour in german beer ads. beer is somewhat sacrosanct over there.
the ad is boring but this is no mean feat considering what a tough nut they had to crack: their client.

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Try the astra campaign and you´ll find lots of black humor -
or -
but well, in general You´re probably right : jever | becks | paulaner | and so on, the whole interbrew - beer is more of showing us the shiny world of a detergent ad -

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Habt ihr dem Praktikanten da nen Gürtel über sein weißes Hemd gelegt?

Why is it on this site? Who thought this was worth being submitted?
Worst beer ad I've seen in a while, even in Germany.

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don't get it. what's the joke?

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Y si agregan limoncito, alguien dirá "Del putas!" LOL!
Qué afiche para mas mier..coles..


No hay tiempo to lose!

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Jean Remy

reeeeeeally bad!!!!
it sucks.......

kempertrautmann sucks and they should fire their creatives

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I like it. The mug and the handle ... smart and creative idea :)

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