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The best of the series. Decent idea, poor execution. Do without the circle!

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i dunno i think the circle is needed to a certian degree to convey the button, no?

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loved this execution. it's the only one that makes sense to me. i think the button is necessary if it give the impression of a table.

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is the book edible? cuz it looks like it's on a plate.

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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This is the only execution that works. You want to 'play' the books. Don't show a stop button or a pause button - I think that's the opposite reaction you want. You want people to play, not stop.

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100% agree with you PaulyG. Still want to know what an RG10 voucher is though...

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why do only this one i can see the book? this is a nice one. Yasmin Ahmad!

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chintan ruparel
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yup, i agree, this is d best one and d only meaningful one

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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A play button isn't only found on music players. Weak and predictable.

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I think it is still much better than average. And "button isn't only found on music players" is not a contra-argument in my opinion. The visual raises attention, then you read the copy and realize what it is. Nothing more but nothing less

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this would be a decent one-shot. but why does the book look like it's x-rayed?


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Im sorry just want to ask, how many of you all are actually working professionals from the industries?
Just curious...

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119 of us

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so eighties...

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Music books?? wtf – Audio books maybe.

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Books about musical styles, artists, concerts, etc.