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A very boring "first thought" idea. The pans will look like this anyway, no matter how thin or thick the pizza is.

PeteHH's picture
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Works more for a strong knife (what would be still very boring).

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chintan ruparel
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err... not bad, not good. whats happening to JWT delhi man!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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pizza hut pizzas has got the thickest crust around dude. Its like saying Hyundai has the best cars. Pick the right product for scams.

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This only says that the pizza was eaten. Which, even the most crap pizza will get eaten. Says nothing about a thin crust.
BLECH to this ad.

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If this ad would say "thickest crust around" it woud work, because there are no scratches on the brim.

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You people are joking, right? I dunno how you're coming up with these interpretations, but they've moved so far away from reason and logic that they've forgotten how to get home, started to freak themselves out and will, in all likelihood, freeze to death on the cold, barren salt-lake of your cortex.

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If your only comments are to mock what we think and not provide something to enlighten us, then your post is useless.

How, Slim, are we supposed to get from this imagery that the pizza has a thin crust.

Hmm, something just occured to me... perhaps you are the individual who came up with this piece.

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My post does serve a purpose, namely to highlight that the quality of feedback has fallen in recent times to a point where it is beyond unhelpful, beyond inane, beyond redemption. I see no point arguing with or trying to explain to people who look at a simple (not necessarily great) ad like this and see 'thick crust' or 'the pizza was eaten'. I'm sorry, but it's just not worth it ...

btw, I had nothing to do with this ad.

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But it's worth it to continue to unjustly berate us? How sad.

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why not place a dad rat or mouse near the pan? you know like starved to death because the pizza crust 's so thin.
or they could have placed some really 'thin' mouse shit around the pan. that would be soooo pizza hut, wouldn't it?

no doubt, the link to the pizza hut vermin 's missing in these ads.

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More Pizz Hut scam. Boring.

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Yawn. When cutting, the knife has to go the entire way through a crust no matter what thickness.

Fail Harder.

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bottom-line, this is a lousy ad.

dubaipimp's picture
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Its not relevant, why should ppl care about that?

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This one's already been done a couple of years a ago for Domino's Thin Crust by Contract Delhi. Check the archives of the one club

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So this idea has picked up metal before ...
Anyone else care to bash it?

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Comments on this ad have been just a waste of time!!! just like the ad - a waste of time!!!

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Already made here in Brazil at DPZ.

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Very nise. Don't think about others comments.

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