Pizza Hut: Cat

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Daniel Comar
Head of Art: Gigi Lee
Art Directors / Copywriters: Mag's Lim, Daniel Loo
Designer: Anne Yong


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no way..... not recommendable

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not so readable, the cat is as white as the background...

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am i missing something?

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It's so warm that the cat wants to sleep on it? Is that it?


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Jaap Grolleman
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Good ads are simple. So yes, this one is simple.
Warm pizza's is a good USP for any pizza delivery service.

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there is no element in that room that can absorb heat. no black bodies around.
so a hot surface will certainly help the cat stay warm and go to sleep.

if it's good enough for a cat, who's is absorbing the warmth.
it should be good enough for the person, who has the pizza


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Almost there

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It is not advisable that an animal has near contact with the food.

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chris myles
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i agree with you aldemar. maybe it is to highlight the fact that the pizza is so hot or warm to make you comfortable and eat it.

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My cat literally used to do that.

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good job, message simply delivered. No need to complicate things

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Elmārs Ārnieks
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i love cats but this ad I just like

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one medium size pizza with a topping of cat fur please!!!!

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this is sweet


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SI la idea es que la pizza aún está caliente y el gato está feliz por eso, deberían haber elementos invernales afuera, que demuestren que hace frío, no?

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This os clever. It was a little hard to see what it said on the pizza box.

I'm here doing this, but feel I should be there doing that. But to do that, I have to be doing this. Does this make sense or do I have to explain that?

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The cat should be more "on the first plan". But it's smart

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pizza for cats..
it was nice, when the child fallasleep on "soft bread", but not in this...

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idea could be much stronger if we see somebody or something saying that the box has just arrived. this way it seems there is only left overs in the box.

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Jesus Guys. This ad is simple ie cats love to sleep where it's warm... So it chooses the pizza box because it contains oven hot pizza. Ta dah! Not rocket science. really, some of the feedback is appalling, why on earth you lot bother commenting is beyond me. I like this ad.

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from a creative stand point, it's not bad.

from a consumer point of view, i'm not tempted at all.

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I'm thinking orange tabby on the pizza box in a white environment would have conveyed heat quicker than a white cat... but I suspect the intention was to contrast the pizza with the sterile, icy white, ultra modern environment ... i.e. hot comfort food for a cold, calculated world. Love the idea... but it may need to read a bit quicker.

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