Pizza Hut Australia: Eau de Pizza Hut

Yeah. We bottled it. Find it at facebook/pizzahutaustralia.

Print ad to promote Pizza Hut's irresistible new scent, Eau de Pizza Hut. Yes, it's real. Yes, it smells like pizza (freshly cooked dough, to be precise).

Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Ben Welsh
Creative Directors: Shane Gibson, Phil Leece
Art Director: Cameron McDonald
Copywriter: George Organ
Published: February 2013

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Is it true?

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100% true. At first this was supposed to be joke, BUTTTTTTT soooooo many people online said yes to it Pizza Hut Canada just had to come out with a limited edition Pizza Hut Fragrance.

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Wow. That's so cool. :)

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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legendary fail.

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O my God i do love this. I want it.

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Interesting idea but sweet mother of God the artwork is bad in this...

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yeah, like everybody wants to smell like pizza...


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There are better ways to get laid with a chubby girl

Nicole_Sz's picture
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Or, Just take a job at Pizza Hut, I guarantee you will smell exactly like it after your shift

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Nike Diesel
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i have to say this is pretty awesome. really cool gimmick but i'm not really feeling this print ad.

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I don't think the agency came up with the idea for the perfume. From what I can tell, It came from Pizza Hut Canada's Facebook team. They photoshooped a Pizza Hut logo onto a bottle of perfume and asked what it should be called. They got a lot of responses, so someone higher up decided to produce it for real.

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Nike Diesel
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I had a strange feeling about this since I saw the print ad a while back ago. Don't remember if it was on damnlol or sth similar.
Anyways, kudos to the client for doing this and not so much to the agency.
And thanks btw.

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Awesome ad. I can't believe they made this into a real scent but either way, it's weird and wonderful!

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brilliant USP for the product...

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Its a good help for a bad baker... :)

Oli Murugavel
I love any and all situations where you celebrate creativity

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