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If it didn't say pizza I would have no idea.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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An all too common problem with many ads on here...

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the scale of pizza and the toppings makes it hard to get. the weakest in the bunch.

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I thought it's gabbage or something. This guy is swallowing a whole pizza.

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Of COURSE he didn't swallow a pizza. You'd rather see a bolus? What I find disturbing is that the claim is absolutely false. Alka Selzer doesn't digest anything. It neutralizes acid. The copywriter should be flogged and forced to start over.

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Great idea! Says all the right stuff and probably looked even better on the concept boards. Client said they loved 'em, CD said we got a winner! Unfortunately no one wanted to stand in the rain at the bus stop for seven and a half minutes looking for a gag that just wasn't worth looking for. Bit of a bugger really.

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