the_ashlands's picture
1394 pencils

hahah...very simple! very clever!...that is assuming its to be a billboard anyhow....

mrtalented's picture
2171 pencils

it reminds me of cannes winner condom ads.

lsadunb's picture
571 pencils

Very good. I am really surprised with Costa Rica.

bknowlden's picture
3647 pencils

Objectively though, do you think someone not too computer saavy would get it?

Jonny Lonestar's picture
Jonny Lonestar
282 pencils

yes awesome for micro machines for designers and art directors... which i guess is who you're going at for awards right? to children, your main audience, this may mean absolutely nothing.

that said, it is quite cool.

sloppy4's picture
1494 pencils

no mas.

No fixed abode's picture
No fixed abode
380 pencils

Totally. Ads for Advertising people. We're always worried about the resolution of images etc. Mum and the kids would have no idea. Smart though

hang-the-dj's picture
1262 pencils

"Mum and the kids would have no idea"? What are you people talking about?

On the planet I live on, every kid over the age of 4 knows more about computers than their grandparents and as for that 'mum' comment, well, in Australia women are allowed to use computers.

Seriously, wake up folks.

Rog's picture
6082 pencils

Presuming we're talking toy cars. Cool.
Interesting billboard - the visual changing as you approach it.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

Mo's picture
648 pencils

This is smart. Cooool.

No fixed abode's picture
No fixed abode
380 pencils

Not disputing that Mum and the kids know heaps about puters. But what do they know about imaging software, photoshop etc ? Before I got into advertising, this ad would have meant nothing to me, though I knew a fair bit about computers, because I never spent much time manipulating images.

Still think it's an ad for ad people for a brand where a bunch of ineffective work has been awarded to hell. When I was a kid, what used to sell these toys was ads showing the cars doing mean jumps over couches with offensive electric guitars playing in the background. I'd run off to my mum and she'd tell me to piss off the first 49 times and then relent. I'll be damned if this isn't still the case.

Still think I would have liked to have had it in my folio as a student though.

Jonny Lonestar's picture
Jonny Lonestar
282 pencils

hah yes. blaring electric guitars, really loud "AWESOME SURFER DUDE!!!!" VO. and i bought and bought. (or rather begged mom to buy )

yellowcow's picture
23 pencils


Skor's picture
208 pencils

I just sat there, waiting for the ad to load and the pixelation ot go away....

and I waited and waited and waited...

carlo's picture
163 pencils

Hahaha, clever... Though if this really went on, i'm not so sure if the client liked it.


Because great designs need no further explanation.

DK's picture
43 pencils

Good idea. Very poor advertising

me thinks's picture
me thinks
722 pencils

Oomphtastic. I love it.

If not mom n kids the target audience will definitely get it.

drunkard's picture
113 pencils

Brilliant Idea!!!

JELLYGOOSE's picture
88 pencils

Ohh god which kid or mom will know the relation between the pixel and being micro... Ads for ad people!

liar's picture
384 pencils

what is micro machine do anyway?

vwray81's picture
256 pencils

They don't do anything really. They're just toy cars that are really really small. I played with them when I was a kid. Didn't know they are still around until I saw this ad though.

vwray81's picture
256 pencils

Pretty clever. But I agree that many people will not get it. I like it though!

act's picture
535 pencils

not bad. not bad.

sold's picture
3305 pencils

this work for the target?
internet-people know about pixels and image files?
99% of my european friends (out of ad-world, of course) still send me LARGE pictures taked from their digital-cams with HUGE megapixels, they just don't know how to reduce a image file to send by e-mail...
they don't know what means this pixelate image...
ad for ad-man

cpaz's picture
4 pencils

Buena idea, ejecución simple. Es una buena pieza.

ozamu's picture
60 pencils

Jajajajaja...Entretenida pieza, si ya genera una sonrisa ya tiene puntos a favor...Concepto simple ejecucion creativa que mas se puede pedir...Bien costa rica...Buena pieza

R®'s picture
115 pencils

done by golf.... same art... red golf, pixelated...
and the line is: "...Adults only" or smthn like that...

Boony wants a beer's picture
Boony wants a beer
380 pencils

In no way is that the same idea.

And who the hell are 'golf' anyway? Are you talking about the VW Golf?

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