Crash, 2

July 2010

Print advertisment created by Miami Ad School, Brazil for Pioneer, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Crash with joy.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Brazil
Art Director: Ilan Orengel
Copywriter: Mauricio Bouzon

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Activity Score 14 can do it better!

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Activity Score 458


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I love this execution and I love risk, but this is too much.

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bad photoshop..

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Sorry, but what is wrong with the PS skills?

Validate your comment with a bit more detail.

Your statement is not critical, just a put-down.

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The shadow of the trees and the one fallen down is the same. The shadow would be different normally.
The uprooted tree doesn't really look convincing, and the addition of clouds is just unnecessary.
Btw im not the same dude who commented earlier.

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Execution is really good, but there's no benefit in buying an audio system that will make you crash and destroy your car (and maybe your life)...

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I agree!

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very wong ad

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Lost in translation.

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Activity Score 86

The execution is pretty poor (especially that fallen tree). The concept? Sheesh. I get it, sure, but there are probably a 100 different directions this could have taken that didn't involve crashing as the end result.

Why not "Get Lost with joy," with a car just wondering around in some random place, jamming away to the speakers?

This was just ill-conceived.


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This isn't a car crash, it's a train wreck.

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Activity Score 347

Lesson one: negative situation should not be involved with the benefits of the product, unless you are trying to get people not to buy it!!! Teachers pleeeeeez! ;)

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I wolud never get a product that makes me crash :S This is creativity with out a clear objective.

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This is incredible. Thank you guys.

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Guys. Come on. You crash 'cause you are singing a lot (good speakers). This is really cool stuff. Congrats.

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i think its very creative but It is scaring for consumers

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It could be the Drunk Don't Drive ads.

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Think at this as a very targeted ad

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Clouds are way too much, looks like something is on fire. If you think of it, they are too close to the ground to be clouds, its more like fog. And yes, at the end it could have been anything else but crashing. You don´t really get a beneffit out of the product… Not good, sorry, keep thinkin´.

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I agree with Benihana. Simply horrible, and horrifying at that.

Would this ad make you want to buy the product? Please ask yourself that question before producing your next ad. Thanks.

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OK, did anyone notice that this is from an ad school?
But as Pez said there is no benefit in buying something that kills!


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wow amazing..

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Yeah, I'm tired of every guy with a computer attacking the caliber of Photoshop work (or retouching, as they call it).

That said, I am appalled, too, at the joke made of impaired attention-span drivers who glut our roads and kill thousands of people a year. I'll think of Pioneer next time I hear about a fatal pedestrian plow-down or a tractor-trailer turning a car with a family in it into a fireball rising 80 feet into the sky. Definitely not funny.

That's it.

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1º You should have more fun, it's just a joke, a way to think, a school work

2º Stop to talk about photoshop skills, shadows, light or fire effects, we supposedly should be talking here about ideas.

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Completely out of focus

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Activity Score 16!

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Activity Score 14 can do it better!