Pink Ribbon: Survived

It's not a sign I almost died, it's a sign I survived.
Together we're stronger.
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Advertising Agency: Grey, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Colin Lamberton, Seyoan Vela
Copywriter: Pieter van den Heuvel
Art Director: Phoebe Dawson
Digital Director: Oscar Asmoarp
Account team: Catherine Dijkstra
Digital Producer: Tim Sadjak


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I found this image to be very shocking. A+ for the impact factor.

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Jaap Grolleman
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What a bravery it takes to be on a photoshoot like that.

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Did it occur to you that perhaps her breast has been digitally removed? I read in the credits digital producer, etc.

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No, its unretouched. Tim was digital producer for the online work (not shown here)

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Highly doubtful.

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not at all doubtful. Since you mentioned it so - I can detail a bit about her left side being a little messed up in post production. leaving the 'shopped/not 'shopped' wagon - I`ll give it an 8 for the beautiful copy and strong visual.

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A positive message for people with cancer and especially in the breast area because it covers one of their greatest fear.

It's easier to criticize than to create.

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Great great piece. Brave and strong.

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This is great imagery.
it's amazing the creative team had a chance to use their skills at full force here.
Hospitals or other organizations think it too risky talking about or even implying that women have boobs
(even in breast cancer ads) but come on, it's breast cancer why do we have to sensor what happens?
This is also geared toward an appropriate audience.....young women (a certain desensitized genre)
who get breast cancer regenerate cancer cells faster than the usual target audience for these ads (35-50)
and there's been a need to tell it like it is.

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Shockvertising is back.

Really love this one. Strong copy + strong visual. Amazing work

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