Pink Ribbon: Alive & Kicking

10 years later, alive & kicking.
Together we're stronger.
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Advertising Agency: Grey, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Colin Lamberton, Seyoan Vela
Copywriter: Pieter van den Heuvel
Art Director: Phoebe Dawson
Digital Director: Oscar Asmoarp
Account team: Catherine Dijkstra
Digital Producer: Tim Sadjak


atb2005's picture
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Grey? More like student work. This type of layout is so passe.

riyelam's picture
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Nice, beautiful, powerful, shocking, effective, creative, artistic, etc. etc. etc. .................... nothing is enough to express my ovation for the campaign. I'm ready to join as a housekeeper in the creative directors house

Guest's picture

Copy is oke.
Artdirection is weak.
Stock photo's?

silvi's picture
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My only problem with this campaign is that the photo style is differet in each piece.

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