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drunk dave
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Not sure why a condom wouldn't fit your head in the first place, unless you're extra small or extra large... in which case these condoms wouldn't fit any head. Come now Steven..

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Dave you're too sober this time. This is just pure painless fun!

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Painless fun?
I hope you're speaking from your experience.
(I actually tried it once at a party. It got pretty ugly. Should've used a lubricant...)

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I am with Dave.

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I am with Ivan. Think this is an absolutely great and funny campaign. We live in world filled with too many depressing images. We need some humour once in a while. I think it will be greatly received if it were to run in Europe.

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While I admit that the image can stop people, I still don't think it's humourous. Probably it's an attempt at humour. But it's nothing compared to Durex ads. If you ask me, in a world of depressing images, here's another one trying to be funny and failing to be so.

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It was funny when I was 16 on a bday party but now it's just annoying and disgusting.

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