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andrej dwin
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this took me way too long to get it. did anyone grab it at first glance?
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I got it within 3 secs.

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I also thought it was really easy to grasp, unless there's a concept I'm missing here. Its just a layout of a room in letters, just like those open house brochure things.

The concept is only as good as the execution.

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Nice for typography but too hard to be noticed by consumers, I think

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Mr. Cool Supreme
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I've seen as many Blaxploitation movies and been in as many Ikeas as the next guy and I have no idea what "pimp" has to do with Ikea. It's not like chicks walk into a pad that's full of Ikea stuff and think, "Damn, I'm with a real superfly mo' fo now."

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ad pedant
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I think the veja stuff is great and I don't like these at all (I got it at first glance but it was just "Meh") but they're very different campaigns - all you're really saying is "i've seen typographic solutions before".

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took me reaallly tooooo long to get "pimp". look guys nobody outthere is gonna spend so much time and energy to get it right! i mean i myself being an art director got puzzled for quite some time before i got it right so pls guys these ideas r aimed at general public so make as simple as possible. i mean to hell with such great creative concept that is appreciated by the guys from the creative field but goes incomprehensible for people around. not nice at all