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i really like this one - simple and striking.
not sure about the other ones.
the sunset is just a red cirlce if you don't know the whole campaign. the torch one is ok.
what are these bars in the 'yellow 2' ad supposed to be? neon lamps?

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yup..pretty sure those are lamps..

great campaign!!!

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it's a grate.

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so this some days ago, but still, nice. like it. what is with the red one..a circle? perhaps they can add some funny elements like red=fire and tat's a baked chicken...sort of that :P

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i thought the red was a stop light. and the yellow is the at the point of view looking up through a grate w/ the outside light coming in. that's what's kinda cool about this campaign. it's interpretive. these items could be something a little different to each viewer.
this campaign has a lot of meat to it.
pretty easy product, but great job with the execution.


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I really like this print campaign a lot. It's not only visually appealing but it got a great payoff; just by having the product itself, no tagline necessary.
Simple and straight to the point. Love how they managed to include different colors per piece.
This is the kind of campaign that makes you go: "Hmmm! I was just there, but they did it first".

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I agree. Great campaign, wish I had it in my book!

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Now, THIS is advertising at its best.
Thankful product though, but great execution.

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Excellent. Bravo.

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Hurrah to simplicity! beautiful campaign! but love this one the most!!!

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Love this one.

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