Legoman tattoo, full body

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July 2010

Print advertisment created by Grey, Spain for Pilot, within the category: Office Equipment.

Pilot Extrafine

Advertising Agency: Grey, Barcelona, Spain
Art Directors: Jose Miguel Tortajada, Oscar Amodia, Dani Páez
Copywriters: Jürgen Krieger, Joan Mas, Luke Sholer
Photographer: Gonzalo Puertas
Illustrators: Diogo Dutra, Malen Feliz

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very very nice

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y legoman?

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Because it's around 2 inches small. What pen can tattoo a legoman? Of course they used a big size legoman for shooting but the ideea still stands. The problem is they forget to include (at least) the web address. Just the name of the pen model it isn't enough to find it. If you don't want to give the big brand name is ok, it's not necessary if you want to focus on the models, and make the connection later, but you have to tell us how to get the freakin' pen. 8*

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Your brand is getting lost, LEGO is so powerful brand you never miss on it... I feel this campaign is for LEGO and not for Pilot Extrafine.

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i think it works. i think it works because these images of LEGO men are totally at odds with what a real LEGO man is expected to look like, so we'll end up looking closer, looking for the answer for its different this time, and we'll find out true enough it's not a LEGO ad. i think we should never be afraid to parlay on the strengths of another famous product if it helps us achieve an end - even at the risk of being overshadowed by that brand - sometimes if you juggle it carefully, it might even work to your advantage, and in this case it succeeds. in this case, it is well-known LEGO men are small, and usually they all look like the kind of men youd take home to meet your parents if you're a LEGO girl! ;-), but they're all bad boy types...

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Not a very good campaign if the product is barely visible....I tried to locate this pen to purchase and can't locate it anywhere. Not enough information about the pen. Cool pics, but missed the mark for the Pilot company.

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all negative comments on this campaign are bullshit, especially the ones that said the ads are selling Lego. Consumers are not as literal as some crappy art directors and copywriters. Anyway, two words to the team who created these: "Well done." And three words to those who criticized the work, "Get a life!"

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do you realize how big is legoman? you do know the size, i think. that's why this pilot extrafine campaign is excellent.

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A good idea.

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Nick Pelekanos

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so full of win.

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Just seen this.

Just. Gorgeous.

Ten stars all over.

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