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7173 pencils

Nice idea.
Three motives would have been more than enough.

Hiperion's picture
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The best ads are the timeless. This ad would triumph in the 80s or today.
Congratulations guys.

MindDrift's picture
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Great idea. It should win a Cannes. But why 6 pieces? I think one or two would have been enough. It's a one off posing as a campaign.

velle's picture
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have you ever played with lego? could you always stop yourself even if you wanted to? ;-)

Cube's picture
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Poor artwork. Hate to see the flash from the camera. Ruins the whole thing :/ Otherwise nice idea.

andyStock's picture
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Have to agree with Cube - the over-exposure from the flash does spoil what otherwise is a brilliant, original, on-message idea.

Great advert.

Guest's picture

as great as these ads are.. you can't use that pen to do that on legos.

velle's picture
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that's not the point, silly.
that's what we do alot of times - exaggerate to make a point.

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Great work from Grey Barcelona but I do have to agree with Cube. The flash makes the artwork quality not as good as it should have been.

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I can´t understand those colleagues who love art and artificial retouched.
Life is not perfect. Why should advertising be?
We're sick of perfect people, perfect scenery, perfect situations, perfect travels, perfect lies.

Open up your minds, guys!!!!

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