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sorry pal but this lousy shirt doesn't make you a biker, nor does it make you look like one.
this is offending every h.d. fan out there.
same for the couple.

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Wow "pal" what's offensive is your attitude. What exactly does a biker look like and, isn't this site to offer your opinion on the ad? What's the shirt have to do with anything? I am a 40 year old Mom who happens to own a Sportster and my husband, a certified public accountant, rides a Fatboy. Does that not qualify us as "bikers" either? The ads are great. They point out the different clientele of Harley Davidson owners/riders and I love them floating in the air in a sort of "insert your Harley of choice here". Seriously, you're in the creative field? Yet you sit here stereotyping and criticizing a shirt? Maybe the creative world is not your forte "pal".

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you're right, i should have commented matter-of-factly and constructive.
but since you are so much older and wiser than me, at least you could have kept polite instead of being offensive yourself.

i still don't like these ads. to me they don't fit in the brand, neither do the people, despite some wanna-be biker accessories like a tribal ornament shirt or rhinestone boots. i do have a motor bike, although i'm not a harley biker. but as far as i know h.d. is about authenticity and i don't see any authenticity in these ads.

didn't mean to offend you, your hubby or any other h.d. fan out there.

ride on, pal.

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