andylefty's picture
4535 pencils

Nice visual.

thedesignaddict's picture
5403 pencils

Fantastic image.

Tom Megginson's picture
Tom Megginson
548 pencils


Tomasz Dziedzic's picture
Tomasz Dziedzic
127 pencils


NicoCiego's picture
1033 pencils

haha. I like the visual.
I'm not very familiar about the brand but I hope this concept works.

Tom Megginson's picture
Tom Megginson
548 pencils

I just can't see such a repulsive image leading to a good recall of the brand. People wont even see the brand. They'll just either back away in disgust or admire the pretentious art direction and move on.

These ads do nothing to position the brand as anything special in the fitness world. All they do is sell a negative need for fitness. So what? You see the ad, forget the brand, and tell yourself you should cut down on the beer.

Advertising is not about impressing other ad people. It is about actually persuading the target audience to act in a way that fulfils the client's business objectives.

And no, I am not a suit. I am a Creative Director.

Roger Keynes's picture
Roger Keynes
5498 pencils

Brave client. Audacious idea. Good to see.
Advertising, at it's very essence, is about challenging the norm and pushing the envelope.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

Tom Megginson's picture
Tom Megginson
548 pencils

I disagree. Advertising is about unexpectedly reframing the message in a way that gives your client an advantage. People know they are fat. This does nothing to say that this fitness program is any different than any other. It is masturbation.

Roger Keynes's picture
Roger Keynes
5498 pencils

Okay Tom, let's play.

Advertising is about demonstrating your understanding and empathy with your audience. And sometimes... like right here, when you need your 'me-too-pilates' brand to stand out in a 'generic-pilates category'... you need an idea that needs to connect on an emotional rather rational level. i.e. if you can't give them an advantage, give them a smile.

While I can't talk for this market, Australians are a very self deprecating lot. We're secure enough to be ready, willing and able to laugh at ourselves. Even fat Aussies. That's where ideas like this work, especially when the brand does not have a USP. These are the ideas that NEED to be audacious and brave.

Masturbation? We're enjoying a classic strategic wank, right here ;)

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

Tom Megginson's picture
Tom Megginson
548 pencils

It's advertainment, sure. But what was the name of the advertiser again?

I've just reached a point in my career where I've realized a lot of this "look at me!" advertising achieves attention for the agency over objectives for the advertiser. If the gimmick said something differentiating and memorable about the advertiser, I wouldn't be so dismissive. But they have allowed agency creative experimentation to completely overwhelm their actual message.

I'm not really into internet arguments, so I will accept your premise that "Advertising is about demonstrating your understanding and empathy with your audience." It's true. That's what we do... for our audience.

But the conversation is not between us (ad creatives) and the audience. It is supposed to be a conversation between our clients and their audience, with us as creative facilitators. I think some ad people forget that.

This ad does not say "so-and-so pilates has something worth your money". It shouts "YOU SO FAT!" (sponsored by so-and-so pilates). Hahaha. Move on.

I can't blame the creatives for this, though. Strategy was asleep at the wheel. They let the client believe this would make them famous, when it was really about ad creatives talking to each other.

So I take back my "masturbation" comment. It's more of a circle jerk :)

Anyway, cheers Roger! And thanks for taking the time to hear me out. Just wanted to provide a different perspective, and I'm glad you did too.

Gualcor's picture
978 pencils

Dude, don't suffer just enjoy the ideas.

Stay low, move fast. Kill first, die last. 1 shot 1 kill, not luck, just skill.

Seriously Crazy's picture
Seriously Crazy
638 pencils

why are you so adamant about the fact that the ad is good so far as creative circles are concerned but doesn't work for the brand..

if it really is a good ad, won't people be saying things like
"did you see that butt bag ad?"
assuming someone hasn't-- "no..what is it about?..butt bag? which brand?"

i seriously don't think people discuss which agency made the ad..if it's discussed, it works for the brand, not the agency..maybe long years in the industry make people (esp. creatives) think this way..in the effort to be open minded about everything, they just can't look at plain simple things as they are..

Art_Work's picture
29 pencils

If they keep doing work like this people will remember their name.

thedesignaddict's picture
5403 pencils

Is the message clear + relevant? Yes.
Is it memorable? Yes.
Will it get talked about (beyond the forums like this). I think so.
Will it activate? I'm betting it will.

So, is it a creative wank? Not at all.

Justin Evans's picture
Justin Evans
57 pencils


tamer samy's picture
tamer samy
683 pencils

I like..

anabermejillo's picture
48 pencils

the metonimy works perfectly to me. I agree with Roger. Sense of humor rules

atb2005's picture
13561 pencils

With fitness advertising, it's either "look at me" or stupid and/or boring. I've seen many fitness campaigns, and can't think of a single one that combined great art with solid message.

And yes, these pilates ads were made for awards. They probably didn't even run. Remind me of http://adsoftheworld.com/taxonomy/brand/cintia_gym.

Lazarus's picture
1536 pencils

Made me laugh. I like it.

Chris and Mo's picture
Chris and Mo
26 pencils

A creative import from US to Turkey (u may call it a rip off):

kleenex's picture
39569 pencils

I must be in the minority. Did not like it much at all.

Hadrons's picture
5985 pencils

Advertising that has teeth. - Bravo to the creative.


andylefty's picture
4535 pencils

I can't rate something that highly when it shows the negative.

That is my advertising 101. Negative is easy.

Sarah80's picture
207 pencils

its funny, Very funny and catchy.

faisal forazi's picture
faisal forazi
12 pencils

so creative

Allison1221's picture
4 pencils

Genius. Definitely an ad that I will remember.

Prasad Weerasekara's picture
Prasad Weerasekara
651 pencils

wow...great work turkey

shahidali's picture
4069 pencils

is this a good association for a brand?


Glut's picture
3937 pencils

despite both points of view (Roger´s and tom´s) is good to have this exchange of opinions.

Big McLargehuge's picture
Big McLargehuge
76 pencils

Regardless of whether or not the strategy pays off, someone got payed to make a bag look like a butt. Everyone's a winner.

Ron Burgundy's picture
Ron Burgundy
1634 pencils

baby got bag!

my-meritlist's picture
8 pencils

good idea! done nicely!!

tamir's picture
138 pencils

So simple, so fast, so strong.

pabzi007's picture
108 pencils

fantastic idea...

AMGKTM's picture
22 pencils

WOO 这个包让我想起了很多东西

marano's picture
348 pencils

I saw scrotum before I saw butt... cool idea though

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