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One of the ugliest ads ever posted here.

"Talent is luck. The important thing in life is courage."

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Like a tennis racket that is burden?!???!?? What a rip off and copycat.

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Charlie Pratt
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Not sayin' I hated it, but holy crap, I will have nightmares now. Thanks, guys.


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maybe the mirror shouldnt be broken
a normal or handsome face could be better

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dont know. my thought says..his real face should have beed shown.....

but then again the broken mirror catches the eye....but here i dont think the idea comes out well.

ok i agree...i m confused.

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The broken mirror talks about the psicology of the abuser.

I think its more powerful than using the real face.

Ok idea.

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IMHO the problem with this ad is that it has two twists (pig face and broken mirror) instead of one.
that's why it looks overdone and pushed too far.
I like the concept of 'an abuser never recognises him as so' which sounds true. but if they can't illustrate just one twist with the mirror they should think of some other way to solve the problem.

it could be done better.

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and since there are 82 votes I would just like to say:

dear Marcos, Alvaro and Teresa, sending mail to your agency colleagues to vote for your ad here won't make this ad any better.
sitting in front of the computer till your eyes pop out and brain atrophies will make your ad better.
that's the only way.

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Heh-heh, or maybe he hates what he looks like and smshed the mirror... Adding to the denial of what he really looks like, now that is a serious psychological problem...

iT-iS-i, like an upside down ! mark.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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I don't care about analysing the psychology of the concept, at one glance this is hard hitting and that's what matters.
It really hits home. Good stuff.

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Perry Mason
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Maaaaadre mía. Os habéis lucido chavales.
De lo peorcito que he visto últimamente. HORROROSO.

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I think the broken mirror reports back to domestic violence. I'm thinking he hit his wife or children and they hit the mirror. that's what I thought of immediately. it's good, but as someone said, it has two twists and that's why it feels forced

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Agree with all you guys. All of you are mentally-imbalanced and need psychiatric help.

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Damn you mirror abusers. DAMN YOU ALL!!

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See? Nurse Ratched! Nurse Ratched! Nurse Ratched ..... please go to Ward Uabi!

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el maquetador d...
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En mi opinión, la pieza debería ser en vertical. Vamos, que si la partimos por la mitad y quitamos el trozo de la izquierda, queda mucho mejor. es que está clarísimo, dónde va a parar.

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el maquetador!! are you the model of this ad?... i don't know, your photo kinda reminds me of the guy in the mirror

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Hay algo interesante en la idea, el rollo del abusador que no se reconoce esta interesante, pero la campaña pudo irse por otro lado ms interesante, para no ir tan lejos el arte no me parece correcto, pudo haber sido mejor.

Jonathan Betancur

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Idea not bad. Bad execution, but mostly, BAD copywriting!

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People who call people pigs are actually pigs themselves.

For one one thing ... they love pork on their noodles.

Today's pigs are tomorrow's bacon.

Hello, Pig, how's your UTI?

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bara bara baez
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Done this done that do you want me to do can't none of theis than done this weren't I?

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Makes an issue of the problem. That's all.

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