PifPaf Insect Repellent: Microwave

Nowhere to hide

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Neeraj Sabharwal
Art Director: Timsy Vadhani
Copywriter: Wayne Fernandes
Illustrator: Melvyn Evans / New Division Illustration Agency
Finaliser: Randolph Veluz
Group Account Director: Jamie McAinsh
Account Director: Elias Kanakry
Account Executive: Tihana Begovic


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heheheheheehhe! nice!

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So now I have a dead roach inside my microwave and no way to get the corpse out. When I first saw the preview pic, I thought it was an ad about a cleaning product. Don't know if this works.

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Yeah, I thought the same thing. I like the concept behind it, just not the execution. Maybe if the roach were under the cabinets, or furniture or something like that. But the microwave? That's just kinda nasty.

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I posted this before seeing the other ad. I think that one works, as it is furniture just like you say.

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This one is excellent!

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Oh! no! Pleassssssssssss........ not this one. How can I get rid of the dead cockroch from a deep place like that in microwave???? I'm I supposed to open it in home???? No way......... it's too forced.

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hhhhhhh nice idea :)

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