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for once the jewelery grabbed my attention in a jewelery ad. beautiful!

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Dick Huges
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another jewelery ad.

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This ads are kinda boring. There's not an unexpected turn on it. And what's with italian women. Is there an ugly one??? (I don't think so).


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The jewelery is coloured. The models are dressed up for a funeral. Blackandwhite is dead.

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Are you trying to teach your mother how to have babies??? I got it, I just find it way boring.


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Next time be a bit more clear what you mean.

I think for a jewelery ad there is quite enough twist on it. You can't compare this with other categories.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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If you need a good dose of conceptual fashion ad, look for the new Levi's work from BBH/London.
The spot is called "Dangerous Liaisons" for their 2007 collections.
It's simply fantastic!

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Not that great campaign, previous ones was really hot.

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vapid nonsense with terrible lines.

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Phil Indeblanc
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The vertical alignment bothers me.
Jewelry ads are a bit harder for the concept, but this doesn't really work for me.
Maybe the image works better without the text. Yet the image is washed as mentioned..specially when you read about BW dead and color, etc.
Basically you get the idea of "dead" more than anything else.
It's a bit all over the place concept, and wanting to be abstract, but with no solid foundation. There are so many great ads. The photo work is clean and nice, but it doesn't do enough.

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