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Los Angeles Tanning

Not very obvious ad..

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yeah, i didn't get at until i saw the others. then i just didn't like it.

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Unfortunately, these are too blind for the average baseball fan. Having been to a number of baseball games, I can rarely say that 'butterflies' actually factored in the game at all. It's the slowest game on earth. Cricket is more exciting (although it lasts for days). Sorry, but I think the spirit of the game is completely lost on very, very mundane analogies.

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This one is the hardest to understand for me. It could be because I´m Argentinian, and baseball isn´t that popular here.

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or maybe just because you're argentinian,hahahaha

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No creo que el problema sea no saber de Baseball. Veo un buen concepto pero las sillas debieron ser puestas en su ambiente natural cada una, cortando el aviso por el centro, es decir dos fotos juntas con una silla cada una y así se contrasta el romance con la pasión etc. Pero al poner ambas sillas en el mismo ambiente, confunde, yo solo lo entendí despues del segundo aviso.

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trying way too hard to make a point...y is the stadium seat there?..oh, to express the difference between that and the pier seat and..duh....what?...not working for me..

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from my interest the best one is the blue, coz it looks comfortable. But what are u try to show i did not clear,can u answer me?

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Have Heart
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Very subtle. Demands a lot from the viewer, but I like it.

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Im not much of a baseball person... but is it trying to say butterflies in the stomach sitting on the stadium seat? I really have no idea, random guess.

The concept is only as good as the execution.

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... the idea is nice, but the problem with the copy is that butterflies is a word, that NEVER appears in the male world of eating hot dogs, drinking beer and bonding around baseball. the choice of wording is a swing and a miss!

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I don´t think it´s that bad, but I took some time to figure it out.

And I believe it says "butterflies" referring to "butterflies in the stomach" as Fridgerator pointed.

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I don't think that they're that bad. I got them at once and I think they work, especially the passion one. This is a bit off, though.

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Los Angeles Tanning

Not very obvious ad..