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jajaja...i love it

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The analogy is complicated... I understand, but the consumers...

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Yeah its kind of forced, but it´s not THAT complicated. I think its funny

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bad art direction

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Great tagline. EmbaRrassing work on the camera. Could have been a clean hit of an ad, let down by artwork.

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Well the St. Bernard is a rescue dog, but if you don't know about dogs you wouldn't make the connection... depends on the audience. Who is the target audience? Aside from that, the concept is very clever and has mnemonic value for those who understand it, and even to those that don't unterstand it because it forces them to think. So I guess if the objective is to get people to remember when the photo show is, it's not that bad. The only other con is that it is centered and that the whole radial-gradient-background-thing is quite trite.

I love dogs!

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very nice photography thou!
i bet this was shot with 24 megaPixel camera :D

| Everartz |

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oh yeah photography is top notch and in the end it's what it's all about.

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Great stuff!

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Loved the copy and the retro camera. The presence of dog needs an explanation


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La vie en CMKY
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Maybe the problem is that there is no context at all (a littlebit of snow could help for example). Another declination could be done with a beach lifeguard.

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Kind of funny.

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The same concept with better execution: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/spice_mobiles_statue_of_liberty

Joe La Pompe?

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