Meticulously indexed images.

Advertising Agency: TBWA/Singapore
Creative Director: Ng Pei Pei
Art Director: Ngai Arh Chun
Copywriter: Keith Kwek
Illustrator / Photographer: Photolibrary
Executive Creative Director: Graham Kelly
Published: October 2008


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This is the ultimate anti-campaign. Dont you hate it when you´re looking for a certain picture but all you get is other crap which is far away from your search word?!

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good, not great but good

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someone plz explain me this..

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I think superman is supposed to be in the picture, but you can't recognize him.

The photo library even finds superman in this picture.

Would have been nicer with a visual clue of superman himself. And they should have emphasised the search prompt with more clarity, because at first I thought the library was called "Superman".

mpared's picture
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i dont get it! WTF??

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i like this one. could have been art directed better, but i like it. good idea guys.

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