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agressive visual!

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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These are great, they are targeted at the adults who actually buy the batteries for the kids and not the kids.

They're super awesome.

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This one is the most powerful of the three. I like them all though.

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geez! A lot of the impact is lost in translation. And there's a high degree of over thinking going on. These ads are based on a universal truth, that parents everywhere will identify with and appreciate and that is that after a certain length of time certain toys become very annoying. Very very annoying.

Great insight. Great idea. Great execution.

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i like this one the most out of all three. based on its the easiest to understand. Obvious that the mum killed the toy with her shoe. but the other 2 anyone could have killed the toys.

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No clearer than the others. Maybe it's a cross dressing dad who destroyed the toy?
I think they all work well.

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mellowmarketer has it right. fix the other two and you might have something.

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I like the ad, but idunno... It kind of makes me want a bowl of Trix.

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Hmmm, I see the same line of thinking of that Panadol ads that won at Clio this year.

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