Phonak: Spice, Whoosh of Fireworks

The Phonak Spice Generation is a revolutionary range of hearing aids which offer hearing delight by bringing back sounds that are vital to fully enjoy life's rich acoustic landscapes. We created an international campaign for the Spice Generation that dramatized the effect when a person feels and enjoys sounds anew. Inspired by the acoustic world around us and the elements of nature, we created shapes to express the unique beauty of hearing delight: the ‘Sculptumes’. The striking visuals became stars of the campaign and appeared in wide spread print ads and in POS materials, mesmerizing a broad audience and retailers alike.

Advertising Agency: Wunderman, Zurich, Switzerland
Copywriters: Samuel Textor, Florian Tillmann
Art Directors: Michael Gallmann, Silke Heinzelmann
Photographer: Ted Sabarese
Graphic Designers: Nora Angstmann, Christoph Krummenacher
Chief Creative Officer: Markus Gut
Executive Creative Director: Roger Rüegger
Consultants: Renato Di Rubbo, Rahel Güttler, Sonja Wyss
Strategy: Benedikt Bitzi
Costumes: Ami Goodheart


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I like the interpretation


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There's nothing about these visuals that denotes music. Artsy fartsy stuff. I am sure many would say this is super original. I think it's pretentious and really not that big of an idea. Anyone can come up with some fancy art pieces and then just tack some text onto them.

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The visual is a personification of the sound of fireworks. The "music to your ears" part is a bit confusing, but I suspect it may be a translation issue as that's an American phrase and these ads are Swiss.

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Not anyone... Our job is not that easy and NOT anyone can do it. Thats why we're only few good ones in this business. I kind agree with you on part of your argument but I think it still looks good from a visual point of view.

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Lady Gaga and her creative team would have done a better job, I think.

Visually, they are arresting. I still don't like them.

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These are great. Trying to push it further. Love them

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I love this campaign, but why are you posting again?

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