Phoenix Metro Light Rail: Your Life On Track Silhouettes, Ballet

Over 40 Arts and culture events on track.

Advertising Agency: Park&Co, Phoenix Arizona, USA
Creative Director: Luis Medina
Senior Art Director: Shawn Hardy
Copywriter: Dan Oboyle

June 2011


salil.sharma's picture
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good creative as per copy

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Diffidently

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I think I'd notice these, they get the idea across, and the idea would allow references to lots of different types of things that are on the Metro.

I guess I'd prob get bored of the ads after seeing a few, which might lessen their impact, but there's plenty of things in that category.

Not bad.

kleenex's picture
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three nailed ads.

DAS_13's picture
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Like it. Clean and simple idea well art directed.

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Peter Frank
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Nice artwork.

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