Philips: Glasses, Man

Steam & Go. The new super-quick Philips garment steamer.

Advertising Agency: Iris, London, UK
Art Director: Tim Clegg
Copywriter: Phil Kitching
Photographer: Oliver Elliott

January 2011


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Steam&Go must be such a 'new' product that it isn't actually listed anywhere on their product database. I hope this was a student joke. The stitched copy, with logo on a wrinkled badge? Wouldn't get past global marketing HQ. And if it did? Well done. You've made a really sh*t ad for your client.

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pitted prunes
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looks like they are trying to sell the apparels rather than the product. and where's the product? wanna be subtle? too subtle i would say..

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Horrible, cold. Doesn't affect me in any way, except for making me think "what the hell should this make me do exactly?"

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its bad... very bad

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