Philips: Frog

Bug-A-Way, Anti-Insect Bulbs.

Advertising Agency: DDB Chile
Creative Director: Alejandro Arriagada
Art Directors: Marcelo Oclander, Renato Freeman
Copywriters: Felipe Bobadilla Agouborde
Photographer: Ramón Serrano

May 2008


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lucciano marisio
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Bien buena, no sabía que existían ampolletas anti insectos, me gusta la idea, gráficamente también está atractiva aunque la rana no me gusta mucho como se ve ahí.




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Hmmm, I think the bugs should be far-far away from the anti-insect bulb, not trapped because of it.

I remember a story with one insecticide in this side of the world: The promise was something in the flavor of 'it kills them all', I don't remember exactly since I was still a child, and in fact, the insecticide killed all the 'roaches, and the maids found all the bodies around the house, which made them think that in fact there was so many more bugs than they thought. The insecticide was overkilled by other brands, because with other products, the user didn't find any killed 'roaches in the house, ergo, no more 'roaches.

I would think twice about what you want to say.

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So you recon a frog is a bug. I think you missed something here.

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I'd think thrice about yours. A frog's not a bug.

If your comment was on the spider page then not so bad.

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juguete. malaso.

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