Philips: Careful, 1

Careful bringing it home. The thinnest flat screen in its class.

Advertising Agency: Academy of Art university, San Francisco, USA
Art Director / Copywriter / Photographer: Daniel Pradilla


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I think the copy is unnecessary. And it's not a very fresh, conceptual idea.

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A bit of an exaggeration, but the USP comes across and the layout and photography is nice. Daniel Pradilla is a well-rounded designer. Good work for a one-person team.

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Dude this is good, but it's the same execution 3 times, find 2 other ways of doing it. Maybe it gets sucked through a fan, but falling down 3 different cracks...come on

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GREAT IDEA, the copy is not needed. Good stuff

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GREAT IDEA? come on! this is so done. the art direction is really good for student work, but that's it.

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Gets the point across

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Whenever you see gap look in for lost Philips?
Not great.

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