jennywhx's picture
1142 pencils

Great idea, the copywriter must be tired now. but seriously i didn't read finish the story :).
but..the art direction, especially the bottom part..hum..can be improve.

Danilo's picture
52 pencils

Great idea, great copywriting.


mrtalented's picture
2173 pencils

i think the two stories are still not that different. but it's a nice concept to start from. the art direction is too boring. the copywring is nearly there. but there's some spelling errors like 'noone' on the 3rd line. it's meaningless.

purplesimon's picture
475 pencils

Great copywriting? Sorry, are you talking about a different advert? There are several grammatical, spelling and basic mistakes. Yes, they may come from translation, but if that's the case don't post in English. Make that point.

These aren't all that good if you really read them carefully.

And what's more, it makes me think that I'd rather not have a widescreen TV if it shows me more examples of bad copy, grammar and spelling.

Rusio's picture
326 pencils

Nice, relly nice idea.
Dont care too mucho the art.
Thumbs Up!

poisonivy1409's picture
42 pencils

great idea!!!!

Eugens's picture
2630 pencils

great idea, bad copy. if you read the whole story you'll see that it's the same story, just more words (and not really good ones) so it actually fails to deliver the promise of "a whole different story". it's just a little different, and actually pretty boring (the extended version).

Yokel's picture
604 pencils

Ditto. Story is exactly the same, just filled out with pointless fluff.
Comes across as very bad copy too.
Nice idea, if it had come across as a completely different story, but ...

purplesimon's picture
475 pencils

Idea is okay. Let down by poor copy. Very poor copy.

slim's picture
1047 pencils

Lovely idea. Too busy to read the copy, but if the highlighted copy actually tells a different story, then I'd give old Fabio a big round of applause.

joelapompe's picture
3703 pencils

Very impressive and clever one! Simple and powerfull idea.
But if you really think of it... it's not completely true that you miss something when your tv screen is not wide. Ok it's better on a large tv but it doesn't change anything on the story you're looking at.

Dick Huges's picture
Dick Huges
937 pencils

Omg is Joelapompe!!!

the_ashlands's picture
1394 pencils

actually, with some movies you do miss some of the picture if you dont have a widescreen..its usually useless fluff stuff just like these spots...

ripster's picture
152 pencils

actually great idea, but honestly wouldn't it fit more for surround sound speakers?
copy structure is good. Quality is ok, because it doesn't sound like a good movie script/screenplay.

can this be a medal at cannes? im not sure, but i believe a good crew would have sucked better results out of this potentially great idea.

ryanfluet's picture
105 pencils

agree with eugens... the idea is solid but the copy sucks! The stories are the same with or without the rest which is the entire strategy for the ad (therefore making the tag null and void). Also, there are numerous lines that are very poorly constructed and just don't make sense (and not for purposes of it lining up).

eh... i give it an A for concept and a D+ for execution.

Axxl's picture
208 pencils

I watch a movie on a very small tv. And then I watch the same movie on wide screen.And what a surprise: the story stays the same. A wide screen doesn't add anything to the story of a movie, does it? Nice idea at first sight. But it doesn't work.

nuclearshower's picture
233 pencils

In advertising, logical thinking is a "no no" thing. If everything is meant to be logical, there would be no CREATIVE thinking. I gotta agree with eugene. Its a good Idea but the copy sucks. I just feel the short version is so much better than the extended one.

slim's picture
1047 pencils

You do see more of the movie though. So maybe the line should have been something along the lines of 'See the full story' rather than a 'totally different' story.

Axxl's picture
208 pencils

You don't see more.

slim's picture
1047 pencils

A movie shot in 16x9 format and displayed on a 4x3 screen loses bits off the side.

Have Heart's picture
Have Heart
922 pencils

Congrats to the copywriter!

Twombl's picture
184 pencils

Alreadydone.org, seenbefore.com and notnew.net

sold's picture
3265 pencils

it's a good day-by-day work.
that is it.

Dick Huges's picture
Dick Huges
937 pencils

Since I am a lazy copywriter I approve this campaign. Because I think the guy spent a few hours to write this and even if the story is not completely different from the "yellow" part is still a pretty good idea.

soulbearer's picture
212 pencils

Honestly.....is this an ad? how many consumers will ever perceive it? read it all?

Rog's picture
6092 pencils

If we can get our public asking if that's an ad or not - we've hit paydirt.

I love it. Fresh thought on 'same-old' big screen message...
Especially finished ads that could easily be the first layout.
Anyone who likes a cop/action/car chase tv show will get it.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

hang-the-dj's picture
1262 pencils

Yeah, i agree that the concept is kinda cool but the writing is terrible. This is a copywriter's wet-dream and that's the best they could come up with? I hope the translation is partly to blame.

adstrike's picture
334 pencils

The copy is tooooooo long, shorter text, better story… nice concept.

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
3900 pencils

It's a cool idea, but it's let down by having way to much copy. Just a short bit of the dialoge would have been enough to convey the idea. And you'd be able to read it quicker.

Doin' it for the points

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