Pfizer: Office

Life without cigarettes? You'll barely notice a difference.

Advertising Agency: FabraQuinteiro Comunicações, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Paschoal Fabra Neto, Marcelo Aragão
Art Director / Copywriter: Bruno Cirello
Photographer: Getty Images
Retoucher: Fernando Vido

December 2007


djakuza's picture
517 pencils

when i just barely notice a difference i don't have to stop smoking! bad ad sorry

Olafski001's picture
1193 pencils

it's always fun to spot a difference
but this is sooooooo wrong. they give me a reason not to quit! great!

Jimmie's picture
127 pencils

Right! This Ad is completely wrong. Is it from BAT or Philip Morris?

maddoxx's picture
73 pencils

I wanna smoke now i've seen this ads...

Jimdjango's picture
15 pencils

Smokers are slaves to one of the most addictive drugs ever - some studies claim it's #2 next to heroin. They are victims. We need to stop trying to win awards and figure out how to actually reach these people.

JFDreamer's picture
176 pencils

The idea is to notice that your life without smoking won't be hell. Nice concept, bad excecution.

Jim, agree with you, but I think we have to realize we are advertisers and we just don't have that kind of power... yet.

Omikron's picture
6 pencils

My guess is that this treatment is so close to the actual experience of smoking that you won't notice the difference.

I.e. as a first step of quitting, try this product.

Should it be the case, the concept works for me.

Jimdjango's picture
15 pencils

On second thought, maybe it is inviting to say this is really easy/won't change your lifestyle.

Once down off my soap box, I can see things better. It's difficult when you have a loved one that smokes.

Nthngmn's picture
626 pencils

A consumer with 5 seconds to spare looking at an ad wouldn't notice thiss. ...masturbatory.

B2B's picture
104 pencils

Side-by-side ads are a terrible idea.

stateoftheart's picture
181 pencils

Wait, so it's an anti-smoking treatment, or a smoking treatment? I think a smoking treatment would be a little more effective.

mmackinven's picture
1608 pencils

Actually, I noticed a huge difference when I quit, I gained 15kgs!!!

Temple's picture
11323 pencils

Being slaves of anti-tobacco Cannes lion wannabee ads for so long, we fail to realize that this campaign is not for a social reason. it actually sells a product. And having quit myself about a zillion times in the past, I can't help but like it. It illustrates something I always think when i stop smoking: the perceived difference of life afterwards.

Absolut M's picture
Absolut M
1069 pencils

ok ok
in first moment i dont understand the idea...
so... look the pic... look the cellphone...

bad excecution

teenquey's picture
290 pencils

It could have been a little better if they change the copy.

Something like:
Life without cigarette is possible. You'll barely notice the difference.

reactor's picture
294 pencils

For the TG this is not convincing. Life is hardly the same for some one trying to quit.


LeeMoh's picture
424 pencils

Antismoking campaign?!
Gosh... seriously I thought that CHAMPIX is another cigarette!

nomienick's picture
44 pencils

i think its one of the cleverer stop smoking campaigns i've seen in recent years - although i'm not keen on the execution. i think it's an encouraging message to give to someone who wants to quit, and as an ex smoker myself, it's a message I agree with.

ahpitt's picture
342 pencils

It's barely to notice the idea too. I could not find the cigarettes at first time when I saw this ads.

december's picture
93 pencils

He's got a little Captain in him.

He's not only a smoker, he's an alcoholic.

Guest's picture

This either brilliant or a total waste of money.
.... would love to know if it changed anything.

Imran Suleman's picture
Imran Suleman
4 pencils

Guys Champix or at some places Chantix is a product which blocks the craving receptors of brain. So by this product you don't feel any difference like, craving. Everyone knows the benefits of quitting/not smoking but they just CANT so there is no need to sell that smoking is bad they are trying to sell that you CAN quit with Chantix.

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