Pfizer: Glaucoma

It gets to look like this.
Someone needs to blaze the trail.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\PHS Helsinki Oy, Finland
Art Director: Mikko Torvinen
Copywriters: Tommy Makinen, Erkko Mannila
Illustrator: Tuukka Tujula


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"HURRA!!!!! We discovered the BLUR TOOL on photoshop!!!" "Now... what can we do with it?" "Let's DO an INCOMPRESSIBLE Ad for people who's getting Blind!" "YEAHHHHH".

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I just discovered sarcasm, what should I do with it? Oh, I'll make an overused occupational comment and pass it off as humor! And I'll do it with the grammar of an eighth grader. YEAHH!!

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Uhhhhh... now we touch a sensitive nerve with the BLUR TOOL, eh?

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The comment is better than the ad.

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I 2nd that...

He who dominates often has no real friends...

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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maybe i'm getting this wrong, BUT: Isn't this the way a healthy eye sees, if focusing on the middle of the page? doesn't really simulate glaucoma if that was their intention

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ha ha ha ha

Hilarious comment!
I agree with Wordnerd!

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Actually, this is exactly what happens when you have glaucoma. I am not saying this is the greatest ad ever, but I definitely give the creatives a lot of credit on this one. Drug advertising is very difficult and has a lot of restrictions. These guys found a smart and interesting solution.

I've really grown tired of the people on this site downing interesting creative just to make themselves appear intelligent and creative.

While this may not be a one show ad, I wouldn't be the least bit embarasseed to be the creatives that came up with this and got it sold to the client.

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What the hell's with the tag line? Doesn't fit the brand if you ask me.

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It makes perfect sense if Pfizer is claiming to be a trailblazer in the industry. Which is exactly what this ad talks about. Pfizer being a leader in this area of the industry and probably several other areas in this industry.

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Fab Fab
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Yeah Mr. Top, I would say the same thing... Ha ha ... Funny.


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