Pfizer: Father

Life without cigarettes? You'll barely notice a difference.

Advertising Agency: FabraQuinteiro Comunicações, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Paschoal Fabra Neto, Marcelo Aragão
Art Director / Copywriter: Bruno Cirello
Photographer: Getty Images
Retoucher: Fernando Vido

December 2007


sonucoues2002's picture
804 pencils

me either

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Look at his pocket.

onestuomo's picture
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What are you trying to say? That there's no difference?
In this case it seems to be a very minimal difference between "before" and "after".
Or I'm understanding nothing!!

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drunk dave
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What a stupid idea. So if you smoke no difference. Well that's a reason to give up.

jazarah's picture
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yea i guess it's stupid

Bárbara Guilherme's picture
Bárbara Guilherme
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These ads ignore the addiction, the abstinence crises, despise the difficult of stop and put as if it is easy. they are awful.

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No es una comunicación muy clara

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Despite all the negative comments, I'm prepared to give the agency the benefit of the doubt and assume that this message is based on client-sponsored research and target insights.
On the other hand, I think this type of "find the difference" gimmick is not only done to death, but it's really childish.

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purple tree
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as a smoker... i am glad to say that if its all the same then i guess lets all smoke... Y NOT? all u non smokers wont know the difference :) hahahahahah... cool no more stinky smoking rooms at the arirports. C its not that bad... u guys wont know its there?

THEREFORE I LOVE THOSSSSSSSE ADS..... however, as an anti-smoking completely not working!

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the difference is that he has a pack of cigs in his pocket...
for all the 20/20s

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