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I think the choppers were not necessary.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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yea the choppers wernt necessary, but i guess they put it to "complete" the picture of "fleas"...........

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this is just stupid.
cattlebreeders will go crazy for this product, no doubt.

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any clever comment?
always the same story, on this site, people just comment irrelevant things, never seen a clever one!
nice campaign for a sad advertising world.

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easy tiger
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this is rubbish

now that's a clever comment !

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jajajajajaja, jajajajajajajaja, it´s a joke?


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i like this ad.

kateter, if you think for a while, maybe you'll see it's the wish of the cattle's owner, of course.
sometimes i hate when people wants to be "funny" (according to them) in their comments...

I agree with ivan, maybe the choppers aren't necessary, but hey, i think the idea is fresh and original, and i like the idea of playing with the real colors of the cattle (black and white many times).

Luca, Letizia and Alessandro, you go, guys... this is good.

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I'm not saying it's not a cattle owner's wish. of course it is, there life depends on it. but this ad is waaaaay off their understanding. not to mention their mindframe (not trying to be patronizing).

besides... to me this is too much teenager 'look' of the visual. I don't believe cattle owners will even take a look at it.
fresh? maybe. different? sure. effective? I don't think so. the only target audience here are festival juries and advertising communinity, not cattle owners.

but it's just my opinion.

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i'm not sure that the owners wouldn't understand it... the army thing is universal and almost an icon. And for me it's not just fresh and different, i really think it shows the benefit of the product in a very clear way, but... my opinion.
anyway, i respect your opinion too. thanks for explaining it. :)

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beautiful arte direction... love the camo cow and the dogtag for the copy.

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What the hell? Cattle? Viruses? Ok. War? Camouflage? Choppers? Cattle?? Cattlemaster 4??? Whaaaaat?? I don't get it.

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Its a nice ad, but I think you might could have approached it a little differently. The cow's head especially looks like its just got grass stains all over it. I would try different methods of 'defense' too for this. Maybe something less severe as to how humans have defense against viruses (masks, bubbles, extremely clean environments, etc). Or at least try and push this one further. It seems 'almost there' really.

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