Watering Can

February 2011

Print advertisment created by The Furnace, Australia for Peugeot, within the category: Automotive.

If it's not a Peugeot genuine part, it shouldn't be in your car.
No other parts guarantee the integrity of your Peugeot, or come with our 12 month unlimited kilometre warranty.

Advertising Agency: The Furnace, Sydney, Australia
National Creative Directors: Tom Spicer, Paul Fenton
Account Director: Siobhan Petri
Art Director: Luke Duggan, Zuzana Zaloudek
Copywriter: Fiona Cox
Typographer: Darren Cole, Nick Adamovich

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Billoughsby's picture
Activity Score 5142

OK. I have seen this sort of extreme/cute analogy ad -- always about using the right parts for your car -- many, many times lately, until I can no longer separate the common run bad from the spectacularly bad, the pure stuff-of-legend bad.


That's it.

dean viii's picture
dean viii
Activity Score 1686

Done. Ripped off.

luispiter's picture
Activity Score 2756

jajajaj agree... i love this ads

luispedromendezb's picture
Activity Score 104

agree with who?

Billoughsby's picture
Activity Score 5142

Hi luis. That barelycreativo is a spammer. He's here to post his link. There's the same disconnectedness to all his comments.


That's it.

chapelier's picture
Activity Score 154

I've noticed the spam...

I don't like the ad, it's boring and the watering can is a sad attempt to be funny.

keeping the right side of your head warm.

luispedromendezb's picture
Activity Score 104

I don't think so, is just a dimwit. He used to post comments under my name earlier which is not really my name and probably his name. At one point I got really annoyed and used his pic and name and started commenting just like him hoping he'll stop; he didn't and I gave up. Since I don't yet have an account, I now post comments from his ID.

Glut's picture
Activity Score 3935

In advertising issues is like Billoughsby said on his first comment. In comments and spams affair I also agree with him.

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