Peugeot: Trap, 2

Advertising Agency: Artplan, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Copywriter: Roberto Vilhena
Art Directors: Tico Moraes, Bernardo Romero
Creative Director: Roberto Vilhena
Illustrators: Alessandro Cerqueira, Zissu, Otavio Rios

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like the use of colour in this one. there not the most interesting set-ups but a good way of keeping the customer engaged (worked for me anyway).

Not sure it supports the tag line too much, I mean if I break the chair of my peugeot and there's a choice between a genuine replacement or a badass-blue slide I know which one I'm up for.

And before everyone says "done - guest commenter" or "they copied honda"
Of course they bloody didn't:

And for bonus points;

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It made me think of mr. Heath Robinson as well.. I loved his drawings as a child and i still do today.

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So you just need to stick a post-it on every published copy of this ad:
"A Peugeot ad you are about to see may look like a well-known and awarded Honda campaign, but it is not, because it was inspired by Heath Robinson and Rube Goldberg works that were before both Peugeot and Honda ads".

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Take it easy, it's friday...

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naah! this is honda. you can't use this resource in car ads anymore.

this was for dshott.

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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It's an ironic campaign of course. Honda told their clients their car is perfect. Peugeot is telling their clients that if they don't use original parts their car will turn into a trap. It's totally different.


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U dumb! Is not about the seat, is about the pedal u idiot!

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Of course it is 'done.'

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john doe
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shame on you!

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Awesome Art! Awesome Concept!

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Blair Semenoff
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I like following the flow of the art since it's 1:25am and I have nothing better to do.... but common, not meant for a car ad.

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Honda cog. Honda cog. Honda cog.


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It's Honda. Period.

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It's Honda. Period.

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This ad? I don't know, i mean, i just Honda what in the world they were thinking!

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