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Wonderful art work...

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this ad seems like the ad posted a week ago. i think which was regarding a shopping mall.

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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The fact that one campaign is posted on this website before the other doesn't prove anything. You never know which ones are done first. But if you compare them to see which ones did better job and why it's better, you'll learn from it:)

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The ad is a greeting to france in the conmemorative of the french revolution... Even when the artwork is respectable, I think something else could have been done.

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Stupid Swede
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agree with itch, it looks extremely similar to the shopping-ad, first thought it was a part of the same campaign.

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"la evolucion de la revolucion" - good line!

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too obvious dont you think?
i wrote that line many times already... the Creative Director allways say: "do more".

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it's probably the most obvious line they could think of.
but i doubt that changing the line would make it a better ad. maybe changing the concept would.
i just think the line fits quite well in this case.

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Dont understand translation so can only comment on illustration. Just bugs me when people put so much effort into nice illustration and perspective is on the piss.

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The translation goes something like "Revolution's evolution.
Peugeot Chile greets France in the anniversary of the French Revolution."

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need a hanky?

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vive la revolution!

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nice thing >>

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