Peugeot: HD

Peugeot invites you for a tour of French cinematography.

Advertising Agency: EURO RSCG Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director: Dejan Stajnberger
Art Director: Pavel Slovacek
Copywriter: Zdenek Maly
Designer: Anna Barton

November, 2008


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Why nope? Maybe 'cause you didn't think of it? I think this is genius.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Maybe you're seeing something I don't, but I see a couple of tires placed with the wrong perspective and size relation over a digital projector (that -of course- do not project film), all trying to emulate a film projector for the festival. I think there's a decent copy there and there's also an idea, but I think it's an old resource and kind of first idea.
Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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Its because of nitpicky S.O.A.B like you who always spoils the soup
an idea is an idea, if its good, appreciate it, it might be subtle, but it worked.
The execution is on the latter, if people understand it immediately, what's the point of picking out little technical faults that makes no differences?

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How do you come to the conclusion that it's a digital projector? If you care to look closer, it is all made up of parts of a car. Engine, headlight and wheels. The latter is the most obvious and kind of makes the other parts secondary at a glance. That's my only crit of a so so execution.

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No correction needed, everyone's entitled to their opinion. This is merely an awareness ad that says "we support the film festival" and instead of slapping a car on there and saying "buy our car" they opted to do something more creative that speaks to the film community. Again, I think this is great stuff. Done or not.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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i just wonder why we criticise the work here only in our point o view as creative/art directors, designers.

In some kinda way, wer'e the only ones who knows if the ad is nicelly done or not in the photoshop...

the average consumer does not see this kind of thing...

when the concept is good... fuck the art...

in this case, its good concept, beautiful art and i bet its going to hit the target in the face, in a really diferent way...

STRTLRS , this comment is not for you...

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jai hind
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lets see what you have done in life, its easy to say nope than to create it buddy

jai hind
art director

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I like the idea, and agree that the execution could have been somewhat better. But it still works.

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interesting concept.
i like.


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I dont like too, bad execution, first idea im sure! Bad art direction, the tires could be in diferent positions...

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Guest commenter

very bad.

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i can't understand what's the concept talking about?!

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i think it's nice. wheels and engine combinat into projector. when you drive in the car you can feel like a director,the passengers will feel they were audiences.

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Guest commenter

If first idea is the best oe, y ot pursue it? i think its nice.Not exceptionally brilliant though.

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u r professionals, think about the customer,please

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Another "something that looks like something else"? That's very late 90s. Come on guys. It's old and ugly.

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Brilliant idea, well done. Simple, clever and to the point

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Roger Daly
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Well said, RM.
Gives me the warm and fuzzies for the brand.
Job done.
(Had all your shots yet, RM?)

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I like the art. and the idea is good enough to deliver the simple message.

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Guest commenter

I like it!!! a lot!!

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Nice simple idea on the subject!

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Isn't all the buzz around just becouse it's just another idea made for award shows?
Yes, it is very straight forward - that makes it little bit dull and leaves you with the feeling "i have seen this type of ad before" especially in nineties - back then it would be very good. It is not bad, but today viewer deserves more crafty executions. But still the strange taste of award shows guys.

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Love it! Well done!

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