Peugeot: City

Peugeot 407
With 3D sat nav technology

Advertising Agency: The Furnace, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Rob Martin Murphy
Head of Art: Paul Fenton
Art Director / Copywriter: Paul Fenton, Luke Duggan
Photographer: Stock, Marcus Thyer
Retoucher: Cave, Cream

April 2009


Primitive's picture
122 pencils

i Have peugeot so i can't say anything........

Dont waste your life taking care of It...

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the fact of having a peugeot has nothing to do with having an opinion about their campaigns. I think it's a very plain concept, very clear. Very busy ad direction though.

Primitive's picture
122 pencils

can't you read between lines?? SARCASM??
if its by any chance related to "nice work" i could say so :(

Dont waste your life taking care of It...

FreshDesignz's picture
8 pencils

lol really now...who drives a Peugot?!!

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well, I don't want to take sides, but you only had one line, so in essence is hard to read between them. And secondly, Toyota's rule!

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749 pencils

Getting confused.

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good little art history students. but not good enough.

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hero china
99 pencils

Good idea!

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Emran Hayat
832 pencils

whole campaign works for me 8/10

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

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busy, yes. are the visuals interesting enough to make you stop and figure it out? yes.
so i think it works.

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