Peugeot 207 RC: Rabbit

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Santiago, Chile
Creative Director / Copywriter: Rodrigo Bravo
Art Director: Juan Carlos Ramos
Illustrator: Chamo
Photographer: Juan Pablo Montalva
Executive Creative Director: Juan Ignacio Baraona
Published: March 2008


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don't get it. can someone explain me?

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Let's give it a try... all the shown animals are so distracted by the new 207 RC, that (1) you can come up very close to them and they won't notice it at all, (2) in fact the only way to distract them is by scaring the hell out of them...
If that's the idea... I think it's still quite difficult to get, because none of the animals looks close to a road (the cat and pigeon seem to have a view on the city in general). I think this could have been done more clear, without making it too obvious... just giving us a better idea what they might be looking at, without showing the car...

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Bundy Agency
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Babong, tell him what he's just missed out on Tom.

Well tonight our contestant was playing to take home this idea, "All animals would be startled and show quick acceleration" but unfortunately he's missed out.

Join us next time on Guess The Concept


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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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capywriter, i think you're missing an R and a second P in your moniker

| think small |

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No, it's about the capacity to start very quick, from zero to.....
Cause it's about the 207 RC, a fast car.

Think again

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Yes It's about acceleration, the idea is very well. Made me smile.

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"Yes It's about acceleration". ok, but then, definately a line is missing. i got it first like the_capywriter did

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Put the 0-100 stats in there and you got a winner.

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i didn't know that clients were checking this website.

| think small |

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acceleration? with balloon n needle? if the selling point is about speeding, Euro RSCG Santiago could came out with better visual, obviously animals are distracted by 207.

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It's kinda obvious it's about acceleration. Pop that balloon and that bunny will run like hell. The same happens when you throw water to a cat, or blow that horn on the pigeon.... Pretty simple if you ask me...

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but think again, seriously, how many people can actually see it as the pick up speed an 207 has?

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Abra Cadabra
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Obviously everyone except for you.

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ha. very funny comment. couldn't agree more. we obviously all know peugeot is a car – there doesn't seem to be any confusion there. but for those of you who are confused, what do you think each of those animals is going to do in response to what's happening in the ad?

huh, dont' have any idea do ya?

these animals are each going to take off like a bat out of hell when the action commences, the action that's frozen in these still shots. not sure how much more clearly it could be represented.

hmmm, take off like a bat out of hell. a car ad. hmmm... maybe they're talking about acceleration? you think? man, some of you are thick.

if you need it spelled out for you as such, (ahem, adsthinker) you're A) overthinking it (something inexperienced ad folk tend to do) or B) should consider a job as a janitor or something in a non-creative field.

| think small |

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la bajá?

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I think the message is "UNEXPECTED", I don't think it has anything to do with acceleration

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Now I get it... acceleration indeed... But I think it's pretty hard to get for the ordinary consumer. And ok, it's a sports version, but using the acceleration speed as the only benefit to focus on, I would at least want to see the car as well (consumer thinking that is, not award jury thinking)

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golden lyon for sure

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btw, isn't a VW model named Rabbit?
yeah, yeah... I know there are no Cat or Pigeon model. I was just kidding :-)
but it would be funny.

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Advertising at its very best!

Goafest '08 in pictures:

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this makes no sense at all. it's crap.

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reposting this here just for you, "crazy" dave...

try looking up : metaphor.

and then think about this ad as a metaphor.

a metaphor for acceleration.

the rate at which that rabbit is going to take off is a metaphor for the car's acceleration.

and if this doesn't help, and you still don't get it, give up.

| think small |

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got lots of sense if you understand the idea...its all about quick reaction like a scared cat, pidgeon or hare...come new....i LUUUUUUV IT

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this one is the best!!!!!!!! its so cool, Oh my gosh!!! can´t believe this guys, they are genius, fºººking awesome

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the animals are very distracted, i have never been able to get that close to a wild pigeon, and forget the rabbit. the cat maybe.

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I've got the's not so responsive..great ads though.

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I love it when creative's don't get the good stuff!

And THIS is good.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Methafores have been done a million times before, there is nothin inovative in this campaign. Think of it this way: If it is making so much confusion between advertisers, imagine amongst people that are not even interested in looking for ads!! To me, it looks like a student work, only very well produced, but the again, its just me

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To me it is the animals are metaphors for the Peugeot and it is emphasising acceleration. Once that balloon pops the rabbit will be scared shitless and running for its life, faster than if you just walked next to it. The same premise can be said for the other two. I think it's an interesting idea, but could be better executed.

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When the balloon bursts, the rabbit runs. Full stop.

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I really like these. Simple and intelligent. And really not hard to get. Maybe you got distracted because the rabbit looks away which is unnecessary in my opinion.

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so !!!!!!

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