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suspiciously reminds me of the old VW beetle stuff from arnold i think.... the "hey, there's a blue one!" campaign.
illustrations look cool, but this format has been seen too. alot.
and the copy, well, no.

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Copy is brutal. Lame with a capital Boring. Also, if not originally in english, don't post it in english. Something to be said for a "lost in translation" caption.

Concept-wise: Wow, isn't that clever. The man in the glasses tricked the other folk so he could get a LOOK at the car. Will the hilarity ever stop?

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design for year 1007?

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the illustration draws my attention. the idea pushes me away. pity...

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yeah. what i thought, too.

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Naive idea/execution without an expected pay off.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Feels like 2 ideas fighting in the 1 ad. Neither of them are particularly strong, so they'll probably end up beating each other to a slow, bloody, painful death.
May they rest in peace.

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WOW - look, here's another lame ad with nothing to say.

UFO? Spiderman? Do they make these cars for kids now?

Here's a tip guys - your audience is not as stupid as you think. Try something clever, you might feel liberated...

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Moe Al_mahayni
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not as strong as other peugeot's ads

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