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This cat looks petrified, as if someone is going to hit it. Plus these ads barely have an idea to them. Sorry.

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I like these ads. They are cool. :-)

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oops didn't notice background at first. perhaps I was a little hasty.. good work.

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Not your fault. At this size you can't see it. You need to zoom in to get it.

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MADE in the USA
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I like the three, Nice duality in the art.

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quite nicely done....especially the detailed floor which depict a satalite aerial view of the map.

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Really cool!, nice art direction

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infact i quite like the execution of the shadow. Its like playing a little bit of hide and seek with the viewer. Ads should always have something more to say with every view and this art direction and its execution perfectly justifies it. At times its better if reality isn't followed by the point, just to establish reality itself.

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