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hmmm. the image is boring and it doesnt even compare to the intensity in the dog and plant grower ad that was on here before. maybe too subtle for me even though im a dog lover.

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MADE in the USA
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Terrible P. Shop. yyaaawwnnn.

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As an avid dog lover with a Doberman and German Sheperd who have yet to prove they've learned anything at obedience school, I find this piece very convincing!!! Only a true dog lover will understand it, I think! :D

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Although the leash situation is a little contrived (i.e. - why would an obedient dog even need a leash?) I love the art direction and somber tone of the ad.

As I have said before, I invite all those wonderful "Guests" who leave the negative comments about award winning work to post their stuff and see how things go. You people are missing the fundamental purpose of this site - To inform ourselves of what our industry is doing on a worldwide basis.

I also find it amusing that most of the ads everyone cuts to shreds on here are international award winners...


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Cool ad. I wish you had a concept without a dog though. 7.4 french fries.

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MADE in the USA
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Is that leash photo-shopped or is it an actual pieace of string?

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Malaysia Boleh!

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