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That photo is been used before but i don´t remember the client.

Look this, THIS is great , not that


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sorry dear, but that campaign on your link is not new/fresh, worst: is even after that one here.
about that campaign above: is ok, but the art-concept and the whole idea was overused.

prikrivanje (is that the word?) is almost a technic, not an idea anymore.

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This zoo campain was made after the one above.
That's not so great...


Besides, who goes to a zoo to see insects?

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Actually the message here is terrible. Their job is not to get involved with the enviroment, not to affect it. And not, as they say, to affect it and then cover it up.

This makes me feel that they are going to fuck everything over and later cover in some way. That they dont really care about the enviroment, that they only care that we dont notice how they affect it.

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