PETA: Thoroughbred Horses, 1

People ignore the news on animal abuse. Thoroughbred horses start their career at the age of 2 and are retired by 10, after which, they are slaughtered. What if it happens to our children?

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, USA
Creative Director: Florian Weckert
Art Director: Bredon DuVall
Copywriter: Jimmy Adtani

January 2014


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No twist. Knew right about it was going to be about the horse.

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Maybe because you met with this ad on adsoftheworld with PETA in the header and not in a newspaper as an article?
In the second paragraph it's odd they call it a "female" instead of "girl", I guess it would be better.

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Thanks for pointing that out Dzsoi. I had to use female because it's not about the girl. Does that make sense now?

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You can call a female horse a "girl" if you want. Like saying to your horse: "good girl". But you can't call a lil girl "female".'s picture
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love this campaign.

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