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I demand that causes and appeals are not considered to be advertising anymore. They don't sell a product or service. Selling an idea is propaganda, not advertising.

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But it's still advertising. Whether it sells a product or an idea. Advertising according to Wiki is "...is paid, one-way communication through a medium in which the sponsor is identified and the message is controlled by the sponsor." As long as it gets the message across, and that the "sponsor" receives the just response.

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GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Especially when it comes from a certified TERRORIST ORGANIZATION like P.E.T.A. (you know, those nice twisted freaks who would KILL a HUMAN to "SAVE" an animal) Not to mention this looks like a few of the La-Z-Boy ads I used to work on at Doner... Ahhh... I'm glad HUNTING SEASON is just around the corner... LOOK OUT BAMBI, HERE I COME!!!!!!!

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Moronic comment

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Ad Junkie At Large
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funniest blog debate this week haha you guys are awesome

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ok, let's kill a human and use their skin to make a couch...WHAT?! oh my god, seriously people...so are you also 'people for the ethical killing of humans' right...get off the stage...

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this is gross. and twisted.

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Hey ccsman04 Why are glad hunting season is just around the corner? Why would you kill an animal for nothing, just for your pleasure. You also said "God bless America" please let God out of your stupid commments and do not shame America even more.

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The earth now has a population of 6.5 billion. Prediction says 20 years from now it will be 9 billion. The world is getting smaller and Man has always been the selfish species. Keep killing those animals and soon we will be killing ourselves.

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Claver line.

The whole visual is made for it.

Powerful message. Good work.

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