PETA, Adopt Indian Dogs: Dogs of the Soil March

Advertising Agency: Chirpy Elephant, Chennai, India
Creative Directors: Jayaraman, Leela Ram
Digital Creative: Siva Kumar
Illustrator: Pravin Arasu
Published: January 2013

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eins-eins-null's picture
867 pencils

an emtional theme showed without any emotion. it even makes the dogs unappealing. don't like, even though sweet artwork.

Siddarth Basavaraj's picture
Siddarth Basavaraj
1657 pencils

This ad is barking without an impact!

Love creating ads..

ankitadv's picture
826 pencils

nice art too good

Shawali's picture
8320 pencils

Dogs deserve better than PETA...

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

Shridevi's picture
184 pencils

Nice art...doesn't sell for me though

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