Pepsi Max: Lonely Calory, Noose

One very very lonely calorie.
Pepsi Max

Advertising Agency: BBDO Düsseldorf GmbH, Germany
Creative Director: Toygar Bazarkaya
Art Director: Michael Plückhan
Copywriter: Kenny Blumenschein
Illustrator: Johan Potma


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Funny!!! Fake as hell but really good job. Al 3 of them

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Definitely not fake, actually.

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very nice!!!

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Guest commenter

I love them! so cool......

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Nice art, old concept. Spot Acqua Lete...

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john doe
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agree... nothing new but nice illus though,

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This campaign would never fly in the U.S. Too much political correctness. You can't discuss suicide this openly because people think that it causes people to do it. Nice illustrations though, and if other countries are more open to this type of advertising then more power to ya.

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Is there a research that shows discussion of the subject of suicide correlates to performing suicide. If anything the correlation would be negative I think. But, I don't have research to prove my point. :)

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Steve Hight

We're Americans; we don't need proof. The simple assertion that a belief is a fact is good enough for us.

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GREAT!!! I adore Pepsi for the bravery to print this cool piece. Go further!!!!!!

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nice beaver...

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Pepsi recently rebranded. You would think these ads would reflect some of that. I got a feeling this is fake.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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These are interesting and definitely different. I agree that they would never get away with this in the US. They could show loneliness in other ways for the US campaign. Suicide isn't the only remedy for being lonely.

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i dont understand the discussion about political correctness. Come on its a cartoon. We see every day harder stuff on tv also in chanels for childrens. this is a good piec of advertaising!

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You must not live in the U.S. The politically correct police would never let this slide if it appeared here. I'm not saying that I find it offensive, I just know that a few people would and then they would get their army of followers to protest ad the ads would stop appearing. I think they problem they would have with it is the correlation that the ad is making between being lonely and killing oneself. That is not an association many want to attach to their product.

As a side note... didn't GM run a suicide spot during last years super bowl? I think I remember one of the machines that create the cars jumping off a bridge or something... didn't that cause some kind of a stink as well? I think it was GM... Anyone?

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Guest commenter

I imagine the illustrator receiving a job ti draw a calorie!...

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Guest commenter

Good visual but yet very very very very OLD idea:(

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I agree, it's not a new idea how great it is that a brand like Pespi goes this way.
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Guest commenter

its easy to say old idea. you have to proof it. i really like the illustration and i think it was very hard to sell it to the client. go further!!!!!

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Makes me think of Happy Tree Friends for some strange reason. Probably the beaver. Nice illustrations, but I've never actually seen this ad. was it only released in Germany?
I don't think it would be printed in the UK either to be honest because of all that sensitive topic thing.Or Japan for that matter, with their sky-rocketing suicide rates.

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That's a funny looking calorie.

But does it make me wanna buy a pepsi ? or commit suicide?

Still haven't made up my mind.

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pitted prunes
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great art! not sure if its an old concept

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