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Joseph Maguire

This is perhaps the next strangest step in the Pepsi campaign. After the fiasco they had in Germany's lifestyles magazine, they introduce a drink called raw?!

Ok Raw doesn't sound good for food/or drink, it sounds like it has more to do more with sex. Well I guess your thirsty after..,

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john doe
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what fiasco are you talking about?

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Guest commenter

look up the pepsi spot that inferred suicidal lonely calories in cartoon form.

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ad tendon

This be better if written on her back with semen sans.

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Andrew Richardson

... everything about this ad is horrible. Where are these figures? On top of a building? Floating? Are they super big? There is no reference. Flat out bad composition. The product doesn't contrast against the photograph in the background so it's hardly noticeable, stacked type on the product... The whole concept doesn't work, are they 'revealing' themselves to the world? If so who can see them everyone is too far away to even care...

Sad thing is this'll sell it... as much as I hate to admit it's the first thing I clicked on when I got to AotW today :(.

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They are angels...

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soft drinn errr sex sells

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time